When it comes to Real Estate, whether it is Commercial Real Estate,

                   or when it is your personal Residential Real Estate,

Spore, Orth, Dombey & Hart will assist and take the lead!  Closing on residential or commercial property?  Let Spore, Orth, Dombey & Hart prepare your purchase agreement, your disclosure forms, assist in your inspection(s) and review the closing documentation.  We can assist in real property transactions in many ways, we can:

  • prepare your Purchase Agreement(s), Land Contracts, Assignment Contracts, Lease Agreements, Buyer Agency Agreements, Option Agreements, 
  • review Vendor and Vendee obligations and performance and title obligations along with incidental rights and liabilities of the parties;
  • assist in the statutory regulation interpretation of your land installment contracts;
  • coordinate the Exchange of real property;
  • construct options to purchase real property;
  • manage the construction and operation of the contract for the sale or purchase of real property;
  • create or extinguish liens;
  • create, interpret and enforce Construction Contracts.

Please allow John Spore to assist you in your real property legal requirements.  Call today!