Not only do we form businesses but we also dissolve them.  We are experienced at forming Corporations, Sub S Corporations, General "C" Corporations, Limited Liability Companies,  Shareholder and Board Meetings of Minutes, assisting in sole proprietorships and formation of Partnerships.  The structure of each is different and the proper fit depends upon a few main issues such as taxes and the personal liabilities of the individual particpants.  

As it relates to taxes, the business structure will determine whether business profits may be passed through to the shareholders, (i.e., profits are subject to one level of taxation at the shareholder level), or whether it will be taxed twice, at the business level and again at the shareholder level if and when such profits are distributed to the shareholders.

As to the liability issue, the business structure can dramatically decrease individual liability and risk.  Call John Spore and ask at 419-872-6808, Extension 1.